Vlogged: Rotarians At Work

I missed a couple of blogs for my #Project365Β , and no, I haven’t been procrastinating. I’ve been working on so many things that I’ve got so little time to create articles. But anyway my time wasn’t wasted, last Saturday we were on a mission to help. Armed with only a couple hours of sleep and a sense of service we ride our way to Datal SalvanΒ Elementary School. Here’s a vlog about our trip.

I’d like to thank all the great men and women of Rotary Club of Midtown General Santos for letting me be a part of this institution and allowing me to help and give service. I know you don’t need a group to help but there’s no limitΒ to the potential of aΒ club working together in complete selflessness towards a greater goal. And for that I thank you.

Let me know what you think about this video. I’m thinking of transitioning from writing articles to daily vlogging. Editing takes a lot of time, though so I might need to test out if I can handle this daily. πŸ™‚ Comment below on what you think.

*This is Day 15 of #Project365Β .

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