The Story of Us

a story of us

Are you still happy? I asked. She just stared at me blankly, as if waiting for me to answer my own question. We both knew it was over, we just couldn’t admit it. But secretly I was hoping she would lie, and then we can pretend everything’s ok again.

Our story began with laughter. I can hear her across the room, giggling like a child. I liked her that instant. I found myself asking her out in a rather awkward fashion. She turned me down that time, what a downer. But I was persistent and I never stopped until she was mine. Then one day it happened – she was my girl. I said to myself that this girl was crazy for choosing me but nevertheless she was mine.

It lasted for a while and I think we were genuinely happy. We tried all sort of things like normal couples do, travel, talked, gazed at the stars and shared our deepest desires and wants in life. Then we fight and make love, and repeat it over and over again. We were passionate.

But suddenly like sands through the hourglass that passion ran out.  I don’t know how and what happened but things aren’t the same anymore. We both got comfortable with each other that we became lazy about keeping our relationship alive. Whether it’s taking each other for granted or us changing over time, the point is – someone stops trying and the feeling wasn’t as strong as before. Somehow the girl that I was once so crazy about, was not special anymore. We didn’t see it coming, it happened so gradually that none of us took noticed. But here we are, just tolerating each other.

We used to argue, a lot. You see, arguing is one thing but feeling unhappy & dissatisfied with the relationship is another. We tried to compromise but like so many couples out there it simply wasn’t enough. We’re at the point where we distinguished our relationship as not bad, but not a good one either. And I think that’s a scary description of what our relationship was.

It’s all a bumpy ride from there. The effort to make things work isn’t just worth it anymore. Problems continue, fights were constant – heck we can’t even remember what we argue about. I guess what’s next is the worst of all – break up. I don’t remember how it exactly happened but now were back on the same path. Strangers.

We will continue in different directions and everything we shared will become fragmented memories. And all that’s left are images and timelines we shared. Soon that will be gone too, as one by one we delete those memories like pulling out some splinters causing us much pain. Then you save the best picture for last, thinking – this stranger was once was the most important person in my life. I thought you were the one, we both did.

Our story ended with sadness. But even though life separates us  – I will always remember when our paths cross and the chapters we had created, and I will be thankful for that. And I hope that wherever you are you will be thankful too.

Ang video na may pakana nitong hugot post na to. 

Ps. I know this is a downer post. I’m just practicing my writing through short stories. So forgive me, we’ll be back to more positive article tomorrow. 🙂

*This is Day 12 of #Project365 .

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