Why Do I Procrastinate?

master procrastinator

Once upon a time, a man created a list. On this list are the goals and task he needed to fulfill in order to be successful in life. It was very well created, a great list. But that man neither finish that list nor did he becameΒ successful.

You see that story was about me. I diagnosed myself as a chronic procrastinator and if there’s a title for that, I would have earned it. Β It affected both my professional and personal life to a point that it is considered as self-sabotage.

They say that once procrastination becomes your lifestyle it would affect every domain of your existence. You will miss opportunities, lose jobs and have a more complicated life. Some even get fat like me. Β The sad thing is I didn’t take this behavior seriously and I’m at the point now where I’m using it as an excuse to avoid change.

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