Ma’ Rosa – A Movie Every Pinoy Must Watch

ma rosa film

There’s no debate, the Philippines is filled with talented individuals. Whatever craft there is you will see a Filipino making a name for himself. One of those Pinoys is Director Brillante Mendoza, a Cannes Film Festival Best Director awardee. For those of you who don’t know, Cannes Film for filmmakers is like the Olympus of  the filmmaking industry. If your movie gets into the festival, it’s a very big deal. But what’s different with Ma’ Rosa is that not only did it make it to the Cannes Film Festival selection, Jaclyn Jose won the award for Best Actress! Now that’s something else. If that didn’t get you excited to watch this video then maybe this trailer would.

Metropolitan Manila. Together with her husband, NESTOR, they use their convenient store as cover-up for selling illegal narcotic, Methamphetamines. Their fate changes when their neighbor sets them up for a police raid leading to the couple’s arrest; a ploy for extortion. Backed against the wall, Rosa seeks help from her children, JACKSON, RAQUEL, and KERWIN as they do the daunting task to buy their parent’s freedom.

For those of you who want to watch this brilliant Pinoy movie, just visit SM City General Santos on this dates:

December 6- BMFF Launch, the Event Center, 5pm (w/ meet and greet with Direk Brillante)

December 7- Film Screening, Cinema 1 and 2, 8am (w/ Q&A with Direk Brillante)

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