Is Chivalry Dead?

is chivalry dead

Last week I read something on Facebook. It’s about a lady passenger expressing her dismay (more of a rant actually) on a guy who refuses to give up his seat for her. I just silently watched as comments poured in. Different opinions were thrown out. It was quite (funny) entertaining and it got viral, but amidst that a question haunts us all – is chivalry dead?

Note: This is my personal opinion. I did some googling though and all I can find about chivalry are knights, shields, swords and shit. 

If we are talking about the real deal chivalry then most likely that practice is dead, I don’t see any sword wielding knight with shining armor opening doors for women this day. Plus you need to follow the ten commandments of chivalry, one stating  “Thou shalt respect all weaknesses, and shalt constitute thyself the defender of them.” – shit, that sounds like batman’s job right there.

Kidding aside, chivalry didn’t die. Like a Pokemon it evolves. Not all women act like what you picture out Rapunzel or a damsel in distress would be. A lot of them can open their own doors, buy their own dinner, fix their own cars or even fix yours! Heck, there’s a lot of women out there that can beat the shit out of you & me. Women are complex creatures, they have different desires, personalities and unique in their own way. Some of them may appreciate you opening doors and buying them dinners and all that chivalrous things. While some don’t like it at all and see it as pathetic gesture and there’s no need for it. Others are in between.

My point is women are not delicate unicorns who poops rainbows. They can handle their own. Chivalry lives among all of us. Both men and women, it’s called RESPECT. If you think you can ride the train standing up so that the person in front of you can sit down then please go ahead and offer your seat. But do it because you mean it, not because of the gender, race or age (well, not really – if you see an 80 years old with no seat, you better fucking stand up!).

So is it dead? Nope, it’s not. But if you say it is, then I’m sorry to hear that, my deepest condolences. And men, if you feel the desire to be gentlemen, just do it. It’s all on you brother.

*This is Day 5 of #Project365 .

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