For the love of Pikachu, STOP!

Pokemon Go Stop

I was one among those who hurriedly downloaded Pokemon Go as soon as its digital feet landed on the app store. With a big grin on my face, I started swiping my phone shouting, “Pikachu I choose you!”. And yes I caught Pikachu. After that, it was all Rattata and Pidgey. So I walked more. Slowly my Pokedex turns from gray figures to colorful Pokemon. I’m so hyped, I felt like a kid again. For days I became a Pokemon master and I walked many miles just to hatched those eggs hoping for a Snorlax or Lapras (only to get that Nicki Minaj Pokemon all the time). It was still a lot of fun, though. But for the love of Pikachu, I must STOP.

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