Life Lessons from Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory

One of my all time favorites, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory recently resurfaced on my news feeds. This classic story does not only rekindle childhood memories but it reminded me of great life lessons as well. I somewhat can relate to the protagonist. Growing up, we were poor like Charlie’s family. And the idea of a golden ticket keep my senses and hopes up. 20 years have passed and still this lessons remained in me. I created a short clip in dedication to this great movie and actor (Gene Wilder, may he rest in peace.)

*This is Day 16 of #Project365

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Is Chivalry Dead?

is chivalry dead

Last week I read something on Facebook. It’s about a lady passenger expressing her dismay (more of a rant actually) on a guy who refuses to give up his seat for her. I just silently watched as comments poured in. Different opinions were thrown out. It was quite (funny) entertaining and it got viral, but amidst that a question haunts us all – is chivalry dead?

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For the love of Pikachu, STOP!

Pokemon Go Stop

I was one among those who hurriedly downloaded Pokemon Go as soon as its digital feet landed on the app store. With a big grin on my face, I started swiping my phone shouting, “Pikachu I choose you!”. And yes I caught Pikachu. After that, it was all Rattata and Pidgey. So I walked more. Slowly my Pokedex turns from gray figures to colorful Pokemon. I’m so hyped, I felt like a kid again. For days I became a Pokemon master and I walked many miles just to hatched those eggs hoping for a Snorlax or Lapras (only to get that Nicki Minaj Pokemon all the time). It was still a lot of fun, though. But for the love of Pikachu, I must STOP.

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