5 Simple Strategies for Sticking to Your Goals

Sticking to Your Goals

It’s been a week since I started #Project365.  I can’t believe I have written 7 blog post in a row, and never missed out on my daily exercise (pat myself on the back). I can’t even finish one post in two months before this project happened.

You see, the main purpose of doing this project is to motivate me and you to do and create something each day.  But sometimes sticking with a goal is never easy. No matter how hard you try to change something in your lives or habits, there will come a time that you will get side-tracked. Life sometimes gets in the way and disrupt your goals.  Remember that new year’s resolution you created? Did you complete it? I know I didn’t. So if you’re like me and you find yourself easily distracted and out of focus then read on.

Here are 5 Simple Strategies for Sticking to Your Goals.

  1. Force Yourself
    Our mind and body are designed to memorize patterns and actions. Noticed how your body goes on auto pilot and do the things you do when you wake up each day? Same with your goals, you need to force yourself to do it every time. Like hitting the gym or abstaining from eating high sugar food. By doing something over and over, you’re building a habit and discipline.They say, scientifically that it will take you at least 21 66 days to build a habit. So keep forcing yourself and one day you’ll wake up doing that routine like it’s second nature.Here’s some mental trick you can try if you’re having troubles forcing yourself.
    Turn that goal into the biggest deal it could possibly be, whatever that means for you. Frame it as a life or death situation for instance. Blow it out of proportion to such an extent that you feel an absolute compulsion to do it. It works everytime.
  2. Track your goals
    I’ve been stating listing down goals on this blog a lot of times, simply because it is crucial. Having goals written and tracked gives us a visual reminder that we’re not fully committed. Writing things down is a way to reinforce to our subconscious what we want. The more we tell ourselves what we want to achieve, the more likely we are to take action. So overcome that laziness by listing your goals now. Post it on a big ass bulletin board right next to your mirror and you will be reminded to do more every day.
  3. Find Inspiration
    Everyone can easily lose motivation. The best way to keep it up is to look for inspiration. The moment you feel stagnant and uninspired, immediately look for it. It comes in many forms and the internet has lots of those. Motivational videos, music, stories – whatever fits you. Everyone has a different trigger for inspiration and you’re the only one who knows what suits you the best. So just go and seek it out. Join boot camps,  read articles, meet new people or even get a personal coach if needed. Just be inspired to do more.
  4. Choose SMART goals
    Be smart on attaining your goals. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time – specific.
    No matter how hard you work on sticking with that habit as long as it’s not one of the above criteria – you’ll find it challenging to complete. So create a specific goal that you can track and measure and set a deadline.
  5. Reward yourself
    This is my favorite part. Rewarding yourself after completing a goal can keep us motivated. I’m not talking about rewarding yourself a gallon of ice cream after completing a month membership in the gym. I’m talking about an emotional reward. Like the relief you get after having finished a big project or when you feel fit and healthy after completing a fitness program. Focus on that happy moment whenever you tick off a goal on your to-do list. Remember that feeling you feel after doing something that you know is good for you. By doing so, you’ll motivate yourself more.

How about you? What kind of strategies do you have for sticking with goals? Let me know in the comment below. Let’s #DoMoreEveryDay! And please follow me on my social media accounts to keep posted on my progress.

*This is Day 8 of #Project365 .

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