Top 10 Things To Do On Weekends That Will Make You Successful

It’s the weekend again. For most of us, this means it’s time to unwind and relax. I usually just do that, I just lay on the bed and pretend I’m a carrot. But I think it’s time to put my weekends to better use and so should you. They say that how you spend your weekends can define the outcome of your entire week. So we need activities that will rejuvenate, rather than exhaust or disappoint us. We need to feel a sense of accomplishment even on Sundays so that we’ll be motivated to tackle the next challenge which is the dreadful Monday.

With that being said, here are my list of top 10 Things To Do On Weekends  (so I can be successful and not just be a carrot in bed):

  1. Exercise – Start the day being active. A simple 45 minutes of cardio can make a lot of difference. You don’t need to go to the gym to do this, you can even invite your family for a quick run. Exercise is a great opportunity to clear your mind and if you’re doing it with colleagues or friends, it’s a perfect way to establish & cultivate a relationship . I already started my own exercise routine, check out my post here.
  2. Plan – List down the goals for the week or even the entire year. Successful people do that , they know the importance of daily goals — the weekends are no exception. It will give you clear directions on what to do when your Monday starts.
  3. Vacation – Be a weekend traveler. It’s never a bad thing to spend your weekends traveling. As long as you have completed what’s important and your time and money allows the trip then go. Check out my travel blog for some inspiration while you’re at it.
  4. Socialize –  Ugh, this is an introvert’s nightmare, but you need to socialize. Go out with family and friends. Spend your time with the community and be amazed how awesome it is to hear and see perspectives from other people. It will also open up doors to many opportunities and sometimes leads to a great relationship. So go out and mingle!
  5. Disconnect – We’re spending a huge amount of time on the internet the entire week, wouldn’t it be nice to disconnect even for just half-a-day on Sunday?  (Yes, that is a question mark) Even I, most of the time find it difficult. But by allowing yourself to this, by ignoring emails, chat boxes, and other distractions from the web even for a short period of time gives you the chance to reflect and feel liberated.
  6. Volunteer –  If you have the chance to volunteer and provide help to others then please do so. A lot of people around us needs help. There’s a lot of groups or community that does weekend projects and you can be a part of that. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that your spending your time changing & helping the community?
  7. Network – I’m not talking about MLM. I’m talking about the real deal networking. Connect with new people and spend time with groups that can boost up your creativity and knowledge.
  8. Spend time on hobbies – Play the guitar, basketball, draw, write a story or anything that you feel like doing. Spend your time enhancing those hobbies. Not only its a great stress relief, it is also a good way to build a network with same minded people.
  9. Less time with chores – A lot of us do chores on weekends. Doing it should take the minimum amount of time possible. In doing so you’ll free up more time for other things to do.
  10. Reflect, Meditate and Get Ready for Monday –  Think about the goals you wanted to achieve in life. Then ask yourself, what do I need to reach those goals? What are the things hindering me from achieving it? What do I need to have to be better equip in facing challenges towards that goal?
    Questions like this will make you see the bigger picture. It’s like a “Sorting your life on Sunday” kind of thing.

So I hope this list will help you make use of your weekends even better. How about you? What kind of activities are you into during the weekends? Let me know in the comment below. Let’s #DoMoreEveryDay! And please follow me on my social media accounts to keep posted on my progress.

*This is Day 4 of #Project365 .

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